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Stats: 5’8” / 160 lbs

Training: HB Studios/Chubbuck Studios/Towson U.

Location: Baltimore, MD

Loves: Adventure, Magic Cards, and animals

Hates: I really don't hate anything. Psyche. Chihuahuas

Also: Winner of 2 Best Actor awards and multiple homemade awards for best at pasta.

MHCas1 retouch.jpg
Max has appeared in many roles in Film, TV, and Theater, and is a musician as well as a published writer. His training was primarily at Towson University's drama program in Baltimore, and was honed by others like Austin Pendleton and David Gideon, and the Chubbck Studios. He currently spends his time auditioning, playing music, and minding a successful business. He is writing and producing the upcoming web series 'Arguments' as well as the follow up pilot to his short film 'Don't Mourn Tuesday'.

Castle  –  Co-Star                    Alrick Riley  –  ABC 


Third Watch –  Co-Star           Nelson McCormick  –  NBC

Yo Mama –  Comedian           Wilmer Valderrama –  MTV

2010 - present

21 Days   –    Lead                           Kathleen Behun   –  Tortilla Flats Productions

Don't Mourn Tuesday   –  Lead        Max Hambleton – DMT Productions

Rubber Duckie   –  Lead                   Henry Alberto – 5 Rings Productions

2010 - present

As You Like It  –  Lead           Hamilton Clancy – Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Revolver  –  Supporting          Ryan Bergman – Celebration Theater

True West  –  Lead                  Chris Behan – Payan Theater


Training & Workshops

IO West Graduate  - Improv Comedy - Los Angeles

HB Studios - Austin Pendleton - New York

Chubbuck Studios - Yanda Davis - Los Angeles


*Best Actor - Freakshow Film Festival - 21 Days

*Best Acor - Los Angles Horror Festival - 21 Days

*Best Actor & Best Ensemble Nominee - RIP Film Festival - 21 Days



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